Outdoor Environment Committee

What is the Bowen PTO Outdoor Environment Committee?

The Bowen PTO Outdoor Environment Committee is comprised of parent volunteers committed to guiding the students of Bowen Elementary in the creation and maintenance of an enriched outdoor environment. This environment includes the vegetable and herb garden beds and the general landscaping on the grounds of the school.

Outdoor Environment Committee members help coordinate volunteers, assist the children with their work in the garden and grounds during work days (usually one day in the Fall and during NewtonSERVES in the Spring) and plan outdoor environment improvements.

The Bowen Vegetable Gardens, September 2012

Why is Outdoor Environment learning important?

The Outdoor Environment provides an opportunity for students to put into practice lessons they have learned in the classroom. From 1st grade lessons of living vs. non-living to 5th grade lessons on weather and the environment, students have the ability to go outside and make these connections. Students learn about gardening, where food comes from and experience the wonder of planting tiny seeds in the spring and returning to a thriving garden when school resumes in the fall. All students are welcome to take a taste of the garden, whether it is tomatoes, husk tomatoes, cucumbers, beans or herbs! We welcome you to visit the garden and see what’s happening in the Outdoor Environment right now!

Thank You to all of our Parent Volunteers!