Science Day Online: Sunday, April 3, 12-3PM – Info & Rules


Science List of Stuff

  • We expect kid-quality projects only. Parent support is great (and may be necessary for younger students), but students should take the lead. Questions can be sent to
  • Projects do not have to work perfectly. Sometimes we learn more when things don’t work out! It’s the idea and process that counts, so please bring your project even if it didn’t work the way you thought it would.
  • If you choose to use a poster board, you can use words, drawings or photos. Short and simple is best – it will help you explain your project to the other students! To keep it easy, you will be provided a poster board after registration closes. Get some examples, watch how-to videos, and browse tips to make your display awesome at Science Buddies.
  • Students can work alone or in teams. Team members can be in different grades.
  • Projects can be inventions (a new gadget to solve a problem), displays (show off something science-y you think is cool) or question-hypothesis-experiment-conclusion investigations (guess how something works, try it out and see what happens). Not sure what to do? Check out the idea list or ideas provided by these online resources!
  • Parent volunteers are introducing students to this event with experiments in the classroom the first two weeks of March. Ask your kids about it!
  • Experiments that need to be done over multiple days are OK. Take photos along the way and show off your results at Science Day!
  • Safety is the highest priority! Materials may seem safe, but could be toxic, staining, corrosive, or otherwise unsafe – please check in with your parents before starting your project!
  • Students are encouraged to be creative and use common household and upcycled materials. Food may be part of the project.
  • The gadget or experiment may not be harmful to any living thing. Please check with your parents if your pet wants to participate in Science Day!
  • More details will be emailed to parents of registered students. Have fun!



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