Bowen FORJ

What is Bowen FORJ?

Building on other Newton elementary school FORJ chapters, Bowen FORJ includes parents, guardians, educators, teachers, and community members of Bowen Elementary School children who care about raising children with social awareness that positions each child to be a global, inclusive leader. Bowen FORJ is also a group that is passionate about issues surrounding equity and its intersection with identities such as race, gender, and class and who want to create a space for the Bowen community to discuss, engage, and create a welcoming environment for each and every person.

What will Bowen FORJ do?

To begin, Bowen FORJ will work alongside the Bowen PTO, teachers, and administration to support current efforts in and around the school. In the future we would seek to educate our community about social justice and equity. We will aim to accomplish this by using various tools including facilitating discussions within our school and surrounding communities, creating toolkits and training that highlight diversity, equity, and inclusion, and by coordinating events that feature panels and guest speakers.

How can I learn more or get involved in Bowen FORJ?

Email and be on the lookout for follow-up information, including e-mails, social media messaging, and newsletters.