Science Day – Virtual Event


Join us for Bowen’s Science Day 2022!!

Participating in Science Day is still easy and fun! Simply decide on your project, register and get busy.  Or, you can just join for an exciting day of science.  Everything you need to get started is below!

EXCITING FOR KIDS: Share something you think is cool about science! Your presentation can be an experiment you try, an invention you create or a hobby you enjoy. Work on your own, with parents or with a team of friends or siblings from any grade.

EASY ON PARENTS: Projects should be kid-quality! You can design your own project, get inspired by these kid-friendly science web sites, or choose one from the list created by Bowen parents and teachers. The rules are simple.  And, each project will get a free project poster board! Check out this website about project boards, and see Bowen poster boards done in past years for ideas. Projects will be shared using  our online site at Flipgrid, which is user-friendly and already used by many Bowen students.

FUN FOR EVERYONE: All students are invited to create a science project! Even if you don’t create a project, come to the online event or explore the Flipgrid pages and check out what your friends have done!

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: To reserve space for sharing a project, you must register. Parents and guardians will be contacted by e-mail to confirm registration.

How does a virtual science day work?

Science chaos in the Bowen gym? We love nothing more! But, last year’s online event was a smash hit and this year will be, too!

  • Students do real hands-on science projects on any topic they choose? YES! There are limited restrictions on space and supplies. If you have it at home, it’s fair game!
  • Students share their projects on an easy-to-manage platform, Flipgrid. They will be accessible on Flipgrid for a week, so students can share with family and friends!
  • Students share their discoveries at the Science Day Online Event on April 3. Use a Flipgrid presentation or demonstrate live during our Zoom event with friends and scientists.
  • Friends share in a fun afternoon of science? YES!
  • Scientists in lab coats will check out your project? YES!
  • Everyone gets a free poster board? OF COURSE!

How do I get started? 

  1. Decide on your project. Need inspiration? Here’s a list of sites and ideas, and some rules.
  2. Register your project!
  3. Get moving to discover!

Email with questions!



Science Day Rules

Upload Project to Flipgrid

Science Day Ideas

Science Day Online Resources

Poster Board Ideas

Past Poster Board Examples

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