Volunteer for the 2021-22 Bowen PTO

Volunteering with the PTO is a great way to show your commitment to our community.  It gives you a chance to have a lasting impact on your child’s education while making good friends and having fun along the way.  There are many ways to get involved with the PTO based on your available time and interests…and we have dedicated leaders to help you get started.

While many of our programs and events will look different this year, we are hopeful to adjust or re-invent many of them to meet 2021-2022 health and safety guidelines. Login to Membership Toolkit to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Please see descriptions of some of the traditional volunteer opportunities below as well as in the Programs section of our website and contact chair@bowenpto.org with any questions.  Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours to give, your time is much appreciated.

Classroom Support

Room parenting for your child’s classroom to support the teacher’s needs as well as build community amongst families.

Events in a Typical Year (2021-22 looks a bit different)

Back to School Picnic:  The Back to School Picnic is the first community event of the year and very popular among all families. The committee will organize entertainment/activities and food (traditionally pizza).

Halloween Party: Organize the Halloween Party with the materials and plans from last year as your guide. Create flyers for the event to be distributed to families.   Organize volunteers to collect contributions, man the food table, help decorate, set up and clean up.

International Celebration: The annual Bowen potluck celebrates Bowen’s diversity and international community! Usually families bring a dish reflective of your heritage and wear something representative as well. A night to enjoy performances of traditional dance, music, gymnastics, martial arts, fashion and more.  Help to get families signed up to participate, make sure the gym is set up with the food stations and tables to eat at, and organize the amazing presentations of kids in our community. Last year year the international celebration was in the form of a cook book with contributions from Bowen families. Get involved to shape 2021-22’s celebration.

Spring Fling: The event to celebrate Bowen and the changing of the seasons with food, games and prizes. Volunteers traditionally help set up before the event, clean up afterwards, create the layout of the event and promote the event to families and to classes that each have their own fun station.

Incoming Kindergarten Meet up: A hello to new kindergarten families for the upcoming school year.  Help get the word out and with getting food or supplies ready for this afternoon.  Come out to greet families and answer questions.

Science Day: Students can sign up to present on a topic of their choice, students learn about others’ projects and relevant community initiatives. This was online in 2021. Help shape Science Day 2022.

Fundraising and Social

Bowen Moves: An annual event, children walk outside on Bowen Upper Field for physical activities organized by our PE teachers. During the two weeks before the event, children raise funds from family, friends and neighbors in support. This group is responsible for organizing donors, matching the money raised (or part thereof), distributing envelopes for money collection and communicating to families before and after the event.

Art/Reading Appreciation Event: An annual event, traditionally a Book Fair, where kids usually get the chance to look for books with their classes during the school day. In most years parents are welcome to volunteer during their child’s classroom time or at night for the BAM (books, art and music) night.  Help kids select and purchase books, or help with set-up, clean-up or food sales.

Spring Raffle: A way that we get to raise money for our amazing school.  Many families get to walk away with great prizes as well!  Help to solicit donations, create flyers, organize tickets, give out prizes and more!

Mystery Dinner: an event for Bowen parents to meet each other, where the mystery is, who you have dinner with!  It’s a great way to meet other Bowen parents and connect with ones you already know! This may not happen this year or will look different.

PTO Operations

PTO Executive Committee: Join the Bowen PTO leadership as one of 3 Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer or executive committee member and work with our Principal, teachers, and parents to create a robust school community here at Bowen.  Help set the PTO budget.  Represent Bowen on the newton-wide PTO Council. Provide leadership for the various PTO committees, events, and activities.

Room Parent Coordinators: As room parent coordinator, oversee the class room parents, answer questions and help disseminate information from the executive board.

Staff Appreciation: Help organize events to show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them. This includes lunches on district-wide half days and other gestures to show we care.

Safe Routes to School Rep: Work with the Executive Board and the Principal to improve compliance in the Blue Zone and with all school safety measures.

Creative Arts and Sciences: Enhances the kids’ classroom experiences with amazing programming.

Website Admin: Maintain bowenpto.org.  Help with technical issues.  Input on design is welcome.  Knowledge of WordPress a plus.

Technology Committee:  Did you know the PTO’s in Newton are a major source of technology? Join the technology committee and help Bowen reach the Newton Public School standard for elementary school


Online Communications: This group works closely with the PTO co-chairs on our email newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter. Most updates will be provided by the other programs and some are even automated. Parents responsible for this program ensure communications are distributed in a timely manner. This position is great for working parents as everything can be done at flexible times.

Directory: The school directory is the go-to source for contact information for all Bowen families. Responsibilities include: assembling the printed directory in the beginning of the year, maintaining the online directory and soliciting advertisements for both.