Creative Arts and Sciences

Bowen’s Creative Arts and Sciences (CAS) is a PTO-sponsored program bringing high-quality presentations into our classrooms to enrich our students’ learning experience. Through CAS programming, students get to meet best-selling au

Each year, committee members work with Bowen’s faculty and administrators to select, organize and schedule programs. The committee brings three programs to every classroom, specifically tailored to each grade level. In addition, CAS typically presents a Concert Series program for the whole school—one outstanding performing arts program that tours all of Newton’s elementary and middle schools. Often, these performers have played at major national and international venues.thors, conduct hands-on science experiments, explore history, apply mathematical concepts, and celebrate racial and cultural diversity through dance, music, storytelling and more.

Bowen’s CAS committee is comprised of parent volunteers and is funded entirely by your donations to the Bowen PTO. Our committee is part of a city-wide organization that delivers presentations selected from an approved list of over 200 programs that have been carefully evaluated for quality and alignment with curricula. Programs include scientists, engineers, naturalists, authors, illustrators, poets, artists, dancers, singers, cultural programs—and more.

We’d love to have your help! The Creative Arts and Sciences program is a vital and consistently well-received part of our children’s educational experience, but it can only happen with the support of our Bowen community. If you are interested in helping to enrich our children’s education through CAS, there are several options:

Join the Committee. Parents who wish to become involved in planning and implementing these programs are welcome. To learn more, please e-mail Karen Rizner, one of our committee Co-Chairs, at

Attend an event. Parents are typically welcome to volunteer at or attend CAS programs. This is currently not an option for 2021-22, but we will keep you apprised of any changes throughout the year. Watch the PTO newsletters for details about upcoming events.

Contribute to the PTO. All Creative Arts & Sciences programs are funded by your generous contributions to the Bowen PTO.

Remember, your support is essential—thank you!