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Category Idea
Aerodynamics Parachutes: Does size matter?
Animal behavior Which kinds of food do dogs (or any animal) prefer best?
Animals Create a model of an animal’s habitat.
Chemistry Which food will mold the fastest?
Chemistry Do some colors absorb more sunlight than others?
Engineering Which paper towel brand is the strongest?
Engineering Design a boat that can carry a heavy load without sinking.
Meteorology How are clouds formed?
Meteorology How are tornadoes formed?
Physics How do balls of various weights and sizes move on inclined planes (ramps)?
Physics How high do different sized/different material balls bounce?
Plant biology How many seeds do different types of fruit produce?
Plant biology Demonstrate the life cycle of a plant.
Plant biology Do plants need sunlight to grow?


Category Idea
Animals Demonstrate the life cycle of a butterfly or frog.
Astronomy Measure the phases of the moon.
Chemistry Big Pieces or Small Pieces: Which React Faster? This project explores what effect the particle size of the reactants has on the speed of a chemical reaction, such as the production of carbon dioxide gas by an Alka-Seltzer tablet
Energy Do incandescent and fluorescent bulbs produce the same kind of light? Do incandescent and fluorescent bulbs produce the same amount of heat?
Engineering Compare the strength of different materials to build your own structure.
Environmental science Does recycled paper break down in the environment faster than regular paper?
Meteorology What is the difference between the temperature in direct sun and in the shade? Is the difference always the same?
Physics Conduct Galileo’s Famous Falling Objects Experiment – Investigate whether a heavier object falls faster than a lighter object.
Physics Create a balloon-powered car.
Plant behavior Does music have an effect on plant growth?
Plant biology How old are the trees in your backyard (or neighborhood)?
Water cycle Create your own water cycle.
Water cycle Does the amount of ice in a container affect the amount of condensation produced?


Category Idea
Aerodynamics How far will it fly? Build and test paper planes with different drag.
Biology Decomposition: what do worms eat?
Biology How does moisture affect the color of soil?
Biology How does the digestive system work?
Chemistry Can you make Alka-Seltzer fizz faster or slower by changing the temperature of the water? How big of a difference in the rate of a chemical reaction can temperature make?
Chemistry How does light make color?
Energy How can hydropower be used to lift an object?
Energy Use the Sun’s Energy to Heat Your Own Water – Which color of plastic bag heats up the water the most?
Energy Which materials make good insulators?
Geology Create a model of the Earth’s layers.
Physics Investigate how the distance of stretch in a rubber band at rest relates to the distance the rubber band travels after being released.
Physics Which materials are the best and worst conductors of electricity?
Physics How do you make a magnet?
Plant biology Why do plants turn brown?
Robotics Make a robot hand using everyday materials.
Technology Create a game by writing computer code.
Weather Create your own wind meter to measure the speed and power of wind.
Weather How do yearly rainfall or snowfall statistics in your area compare with corresponding numbers of traffic accidents?
Weather How do changes in air pressure affect the weather?


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