What is the Mystery Dinner?

 Demystifying the Mystery Dinner
Wondering what the Mystery Dinner is all about? Read below for more information….and sign-up soon by clicking here!!!
When do I need to sign up?
NOW. Registration will close at noon on Wednesday, April 29th, to give the planners and hosts time to prepare for the evening. We want to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend but are limited in our capacity based on the hosts we have. So please let us know NOW whether you plan to come, whether as host or as guest.   Space is limited so please don’t wait and miss out on the fun!!!
How do I sign up?
It’s easy. Just click on the link here. If you’d like to host, please use the same link or you can email mystery_dinner@bowenpto.org.
How exactly does the Mystery Dinner work?
Everyone will gather as a single group at one location for appetizers from 6:00-8:00pm. Then we’ll divide into small groups for dinner from ~8-9:30 pm, and gather together again as a group at ~9:30 pm for dessert and coffee at a third location. You’ll know the first location for appetizer, but your dinner and dessert locations and fellow diners will be a mystery until that night.
Why would I spend a perfectly good Saturday night with a bunch of strangers?
Strangers!?!?! These are parents of the kids that your kids spend their days with!We try to keep parents of the same grades together. So you might find yourself sitting next to the parents of your child’s next best friend…or maybe even yours!Plus, only the dinner portion is in small groups. Apps and desserts are with everyone, so even if your seat at dinner is next to the most boring person at the school, it’s only for about an hour! 🙂
What if I can’t get a sitter or my spouse refuses to come?
Grab a friend or just come alone and leave your spouse at home! There are plenty of other people who will be coming solo so you won’t be alone.  Your spouse will be jealous about the great time you had!
To host or not to host?
We know that there are a lot of you out there that are definitely planning to come and are happy to either come as a guest or help host a dinner if more hosts are needed.  If you fall into this category, please go to the link and register under the “Happy to Host or Be Hosted” category. (if you end up coming as a guest, we’ll settle up the fees with you later).
What am I getting myself into if I host a dinner?
As a host, you provide dinner for 6 or more guests.You can request a friend/couple to be at your house for dinner if you are worried about being “stuck” with strangers. You can also team up with a friend to split the work/cost.Please consider hosting or reach out to your friends/neighbors who like to entertain. All cuisines are welcome (Italian, Indian, South American, French, Lebanese, Iranian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, southern, vegetarian, kosher, etc.). Home-cooked or take-out is fine. Importantly, we’ll be sure to give you advance notice of any allergies or dietary restrictions in your party.

Please contact mystery_dinner@bowenpto.org with any questions you might have.